You are a time traveler. You dream of exploring the world through the eyes of an artist to gain a greater understanding of global cultures from the past and today. Learn about the history of art and architecture and become an expert on art from Prehistory to the contemporary artists of today.

Through courses in medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, modern art, women in art, and art from across the globe, students will develop skills in problem solving, historical analysis, and research that will lead to employment in a visual arts field or graduate study in art history.

Winthrop Art History alumni are employed in a variety of different administrative roles in galleries, museums, libraries, colleges, and universities. Many alumni go on to pursue graduate and doctoral programs in prestigious institutions across the country.


Art history students often study abroad in order to gain a global perspective. Through a combination of language, art history, studio, humanities and conservation and arts administrative courses at the abroad institution and Winthrop distance learning, students can study abroad without delaying graduation. Institutions that have hosted art history students include ….


The art history faculty at Winthrop University are teachers, scholars, and mentors interested in involving undergraduate students in various forms of experiential learning, including study abroad, immersive virtual reality, research, and internships. They regularly present their research at international conferences, organize panels, and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies. Our faculty are also active members of professional organizations such as the College Art Association and the Society of Architectural Historians. They work closely with Winthrop students to assist them with their coursework, graduate school applications, and career goals.


“The best aspects of Winthrop were the faculty and staff. My professors showed that they cared and my counselor saved my life and has given me hope for the future.” – Class of 2019

“The classroom sizes are great and guarantee time with your professors, the class offerings have only increased in number over the year, you’re minutes from the Charlotte art scene, and the department encourages a community atmosphere. What more could you ask for?” – Class of 2010

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in art history
  • gallery manager
  • art history instructor
  • project conservator
  • arts & culture coordinator
  • museum curator
  • and more

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