2020 B.F.A. Senior Exhibition

What Was & What Will Be features the work of 17 graduating B.F.A. seniors from the Department of Fine Arts. Working across a variety of media, these artists explore themes unique to each of them. Uniting them is their nostalgia for what was and their hope for what will be. As the culmination of their journey at Winthrop, this exhibit not only reflects the skills gained from their time as a student but also their personal growth as artists. What Was & What Will Be embodies the joy and sadness that these graduates feel during this transitory period. They look towards an exciting future with unknown artistic endeavors ahead and reflect fondly on their time in school. Together, these 17 artists present their final works to you, a symbolic farewell to their time here at Winthrop.

-Martha Grace Whiteman, Art History

Familial Bonds

Through this work I examine the way that my relationships with my immediate family have evolved. It is an introspection of the individual bonds I share with my mother, brother, and father and the oddity of seeing our relationships differently.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

Sui Generis

Sui Generis is an abstract interpretation of different aspects of cerntain members of my family. This work allows the viewer to further investigate the different traits and interests that make up a person, regardless of race, and reflect on what makes them an interesting individual.” Watch the Artist’s Talk


Superseded explores the physical change in nature as people interact with it. I am focused on areas like woods and forests where trees are being replaces by buildings. Through the work I allow the viewer to participate in the destruction of my piece, representing how people take part in the destruction of nature.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

COMPREHENSION (1-7), Too soon to go (8-9)

In this work I use art to try and comprehend my feelings and thoughts. Each work is about a specific person that is important to me and the relationship I have with them.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

Bodies of Colour

“This body of work explores the relationship between bodies and colours. People’s personalities emit an aura that can be associated with specific colours that depict their character traits. My photographs visualize my friends and the colours I associate with them based off the colour’s history as told in Kassia St. Clair’s novel The Secret Lives of Color.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

My Eye’s Light

Long exposure light painting allows me to infuse movement into my images while the colored lights layer the image and provide depth to the photo. Viewer amazement becomes my drive as I create and capture that singular period when time, light, and color merge to become art.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

Reflection + Refraction

“My work focuses on asking the viewer to explore elements of light, color, and the senses, using their own bodies. My own struggle with my identity— my gender, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, and my sense of belonging, are referenced in my work through symbolic visual cues and written text.” 

Echolocation (1-2), Merged Narratives (3), What Remains (4-5) 

In an attempt to better understand my existence, I investigate my late grandfather’s life and use it as a framework for organizing my memories, thoughts, and emotions.”  Watch the Artist’s Talk


“My work explores the use of rhythm, form, and color to create a vibrant environment. I create a whimsical landscape that allows me, or others, to escape the negative stressors of everyday life.” Watch the Artist’s Talk


Horror movies have always been a love of mine, due to their creative storytelling, grim atmosphere, and fun twists. However, there is one aspect to this genre that tends to be overlooked; the real horror that the women in them endure.” Watch the Artist’s Talk


“Many women experience sexism when looking to get an accurate and attentive medical diagnosis. Dismissed explores the difficulties that women face when visiting medical practices by simulating the frustration, isolation, and confusion that is felt there.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

Pieced Together

My work focuses on pattern and the meaning that a pattern can have to an individual. This body of work begins as a conversation with each subject, discussing abstract interpretations of ourselves. Together we find the best way to repeat the feeling portrayed in the rendered portrait through a pattern.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

On Jamie Love’s Wall

“This work is a personal exploration of my artistic practice and personal memories through photographing found objects. In this work I combine painting and photography as a mechanism to explore what influences kick started my course to this specific point in time.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

Colored Paradise

In this body of work, I focus on the patterns of water droplets and the experimentation of color. This collection of color studies is set to emphasize the endless patterns that form when water builds up on a surface.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

All to see

“This work is an exploration of my bodily insecurities and qualities that I have always found shameful. The work projects the intimate images of these qualities through large scale oil paintings, and asks the viewer to examine their own insecurities.” Watch the Artist’s Talk

the space in which we exist

This work is a documentary project investigating people, how they think, feel, and percieve the world. I began the process by asking friends and strangers, ‘If you were to die today, what items would make you up as a person?’ They put these items into a jar and explained who they are.” Watch the Artist’s Talk