You are an innovator. You dream of creating environments that contribute to the well-being and safety of our world. Learn how to build those spaces in courses like Lighting Design, Spatial Analysis and Theory, and Visual Thinking & Symbolic Communication.

Interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to develop safe, functional, and attractive interior environments that meet people’s needs. Interior designers are imaginative, artistic, and creative, combining their professional knowledge with an aesthetic vision. They learn to design spaces for commercial and professional office use, health care facilities, educational spaces, museums, government facilities, retail spaces, theaters, and more.

Students take a series of lecture and studio classes that are designed to introduce the knowledge and skills needed, including planning, drawing, modeling, and design theory. Advanced coursework includes planning and design of residential, commercial, hospitality and medical projects, building codes and standards, and business principles, practices, and ethics.


Students participate in local and regional design competitions, take part in meetings with professional organizations and studio owners, and go on off-campus experiences to design centers both domestically and abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to gain professional experience by working in a professional setting – similar to an internship – over the course of their degree.


Winthrop interior design faculty are seasoned professionals with years of experience working in the industry and educating aspiring designers. Students gain practical experience throughout their studies with the guidance of our accomplished and recognized faculty.


“The challenge of the classes taught me endurance, time management, and pushed me further than I thought I could go.” – Class of 2019

“If I was going to receive a design degree, I needed to be sure it was legitimate. I looked at several art schools and the thought of not having “core” classes and a good educational foundation troubled me. At Winthrop, you receive a well-rounded education including math, science in addition to all of this, I loved the fine art aspect.” – Class of 2000

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in interior design

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